Mega 888 In Malaysia – Could It Be The Game Of All Games?

Casinos are indeed an incredible source of excitement in one’s life. In fact, casino games and gambling aren’t just super fun, but the enormous sums of money won can surely over joy anyone. However, going to an actual casino to play games might not be convenient or acceptable for all due to various reasons.


Fortunately, today we live in an era where everything is connected digitally, and Casino games are no different! Today, you can play games online from the comfort of your couch, on several online platforms. But undoubtedly, the best platform for such games is Mega888.

Mega888 is the ultimate way to make your days further enjoyable. It offers phenomenal real-life casino experience to its players, and its ultra-high graphic resolution can attract any player. That is the exact reason for the increased popularity of Mega888 in Malaysia recently.

Thus if you are a gambling enthusiast and are looking for some extraordinary fun, Mega888 has to be your definite choice. We are sure you’d love it!

Mega 888 Game- What is it?

Mega 888 is an online platform, introduced in 2018 to revolutionize the gaming experience. The site has become incredibly popular among Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesian gamers in recent times. The primary reason for this is the elegant layout and stylish interface it has, which is successful in attracting numerous casino players.

Plus, the platform has been specifically designed to provide the users with absolute ease in play; consequently, all the games are pretty simple. That is what makes it so perfect for all the beginners out there. Without any doubt, it’s a remarkable platform for them to start their gaming experience.

Mega means big, while 888 stands for luck; therefore, the diverse variety of games available on this website will surely make you win big! You can win thousands or even more, within a few minutes by proper game techniques. And in case you have a selective choice while playing games, you aren’t supposed to worry as each game is different from the other one.

Moreover, another primary reason for the rapid popularity of the game is the fantastic bonuses and credits the site offers. There isn’t any similar site on the internet that offers as lucrative bonuses to the players, as Mega888 does. This specific feature of the site gives it a significant edge over its competitors. The games at Mega888 are well designed and extremely user-friendly. You don’t need to have some killer skills to win. Anyone with an effective game strategy and an active mind can easily stand out in the game. Overall, Mega 888 is a beautiful site and is loved by millions of players across Malaysia.

Also, there are individual gifts and promotions available for the players if they download the required version of the game. Thus, if you love jackpots, Mega 888 is your dream site to play!

Mega 888 Game list

When it comes to playing games, every individual has his very own and specific choice. Fortunately, Mega 888 is a brilliant platform with a diverse range of games that aren’t just the latest, but super fun to play. It offers an extensive gaming experience to all the players. You can choose from over30 slot + games and 10 + table games, all of which are incredibly easy to play. Just a bit presence of mind and a set of your interest, you are good to go!

To ease it for you, the below-mentioned games are extremely popular across Malaysia and are usually preferred by beginners. Thus, you should definitely give these and all other games a try!

Live Dealer

If you are fond of casino games, live dealers will surely be your favorite. The game is controlled by the software and is designed to give the player a real-time experience of casino games. With that to ensure the credibility and fairness of the games, you’ll be provided with real-time results, and there’ll be an actual dealer to overlook the game. It’s the coolest game out there!

Chinese Lions

Do you love Betting? So do we! Chinese lion is one of the most fantastic games available on Mega 888 and is very simple to play. Proper guidance and hints are provided throughout the entire game, making it one of the most popular games on the site.

Ocean King

All of us have had the desire to be a King at least some point in our childhood. Fortunately, with Mega 888’s exclusive Ocean King, you can fulfill your unfulfilled desire and be the King of Sea. Although the game might seem a bit childish, but trust me, it’s super hard to play. It’s indeed a beautiful game and loved by a vast number of players.

Lucky New Year

In the list of most exciting slot games, Lucky New Year is certainly hard to miss! The game offers its users with amazing surprises right from the beginning and luckily comes with ample instructions to play. We are sure; you’d love this one!

Apart from these games, other games on the website include:

  • Wukong
  • Road Kings
  • Dolphin Reef
  • Great Blue
  • Li Kui pi Yu
  • Da Sheng Nao Hai
  • Dragon Tiger
  • Texas Poker
  • Baccarat
  • Roulette
  • BlackJack
  • 8-Ball Slot

PC and Phone versions -Mega 888 Apk and iOS

With the rapid increase in popularity of Mega888, the demand for it to be available on phones has significantly increased. Luckily, now the platform is available not just on PCs, but on Android and iOS as well.

Just as in the case of PC, Mega 888 Apk files can be downloaded on Android-powered devices such as Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, HTC, Asus, Lenovo, and more by installing the simple software. If using a non-android device, Mega 888 can be downloaded either through a Chrome or Firefox extension or directly from un-official site servers. If downloading from an unknown source, remember enabling “Unknown sources” from “Accounts and Security” in Settings of your phone. On the other hand, for I-phone iOS software, App Store Package, including the archive file, can be used for easy downloading of the Mega 888.

How safe is Mega 888?

Fortunately, the security of the users is the number one priority of Mega 888. Therefore, all your login details or any other valuable information you provide remains secure and safe. With that, the company also holds legitimate licensing to run the online platform, which prevents any doubts of scams. The process of withdrawing is also extremely confidential, ensuring that players play with peace of mind.

Customer Service

The most distinctive feature of Mega888 is the phenomenal customer support the site offers. The customer service representatives are available for your assistance 24/7 to guide you in any regard, including downloading, registration. Logging in or withdrawing your prizes. Thus in case of any query, they are right there to support you.

Our Top tips to win at Mega 888 Games

To be honest, winning at Mega 888 is pretty straightforward. You just need to practice and have a solid hold of specific tips. And trust me with it; you are winning numerous jackpots within no time. Thus, keep scrolling if you want to get hold of them:

  • To get familiar with the winning pattern of each game, make sure to switch on the game regularly. That will increase your chances of winning to a great extent and is the exact method adopted by the majority of jackpot winners.
  • Don’t forget to set the winning condition, and as soon as you reach that point, stop playing – We know how captivating the game gets once you up a few bucks, but learn to control your emotions.
  • The same goes for losing that is set a losing condition, after which you will end playing.


Conclusively, Mega 888 is indeed an excellent platform which will undoubtedly overjoy you with big wins. After all, the money won is far sweeter than money earned! The platform is perfect in every manner, providing users with extraordinary enjoyment. Plus, creative games help them to develop their analytical skills along with improving attention.


The best part of Mega 888 is that, in a digital world where scams and frauds are prevalent, Mega 888 provides its users with absolute security while keeping their information confidential. Also, the platform supports all the major operating systems, including iOS and Android. Therefore, no matter if you own a Macbook, Desktop, Android, or I-phone, Mega 888 will work for all!

Mega 888 is going to redefine your gaming experience as a whole, and trust me, very soon you’ll fall in love with it! It is definitely worth a try!

Happy Gaming