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Online Poker Malaysia – A Complete Introduction

The first image that flashes in everyone’s mind when they hear the word poker is a lot of cash on the table. That is just one aspect of playing poker. Poker teaches its players the skills, which aren’t taught in a class. You master the art of patience during a game of poker like you couldn’t anywhere. Not only that, managing your resources and controlling your emotions also a fruit of playing this absorbing game. In a game of poker, your instincts and psychological traits are put under a severe test! Decision-making ability is one of the most essential features of any individual’s personality. A wrong decision can ruin your life forever. But at the same time, the right choice can turn the fortunes in your favor as well. In our experience, there is no better game than poker to learn the art of making correct decisions!

 Online Poker Malaysia

Folks in Malaysia, do you want to get endowed with the benefits of playing poker that we mentioned in the previous lines? If so, poker online is the way to go! Playing poker online has its perks, as compared to actually going to a casino and playing poker there. But to enjoy playing poker online, you must be aware of specific points.

Online Poker

The first question that you must ask is: What are the features of an excellent online poker site? Some of the features of a unique online casino in Malaysia would be:

  1. Does the site offer any bonuses?
  2. Is there a mobile version of the site available or not. This is a crucial point, and we will discuss it in detail later.
  3. Is the customer service and support up to the mark?
  4. Is it a site crowded by a lot of players or just the beginners like to try their luck at the online poker there?
  5. The money withdrawal and deposit methods should be user-friendly.

Now that’s a pretty concise list. If you are desirous of trying your hand at online poker in Malaysia, these are the factors that you will have to be mindful of. The repute of the online poker site can be a decisive factor in your win-loss ratio. A website that encourages the players to play more by offering incentives like promotions is usually on the top of the leaderboard. Malaysian players are blessed when it comes down to the banking option available. Ideally, you would like to play online poker at a platform that lets you withdraw and deposit money instantaneously. Poker variations are also an essential aspect of an excellent online poker platform. Make sure that there is a diversity in the tables offered by the platform you are choosing to play on. Online poker in Malaysia is usually a pretty smooth experience. If you can find a site which provides a real casino like experience on your desktop, you are guaranteed a delightful time!

888 Poker Malaysia

One great platform to play online poker in Malaysia is 888 poker. In the world of online poker, 888 poker is a brand paralleled by only a few. This online poker card room, established in 2002, is heaven for online poker players. And Malaysian players are no exception to the fervor of playing online poker on 888 poker.

The player volume at this site is very high. No surprises there, given the popularity of this platform. The average payout time of 888 poker ranges between one to two days. For a site with the magnitude of 888 poker, that is quite remarkable indeed. Competition level at 888 poker is medium, which is ideal and allows players of all sorts to have a shot at winning big in this online casino. We mentioned this before as well that a good poker platform will encourage more participation of players by offering incentives. At poker 888, you can reload and win, the site encourages players to play more by providing bonuses.

For any online poker platform to excel and beat its competitors, it must use a state of the art software. The graphic quality is crispy and evident at 888 poker. It keeps one glued to the screen. In terms of tournaments, 888 poker is many steps ahead of its competitors. The 888 poker club is the main feature of this site, which launches daily tournaments and provides players with a chance to win big every day. Malaysian poker players can make good fortunes by playing these tournaments. Some of the live poker tournaments include 888 poker Live and XL championship series, World Series of Poker, Super high roller bowl, and the World Poker Tour. The mobile app of 888 Poker is also top-rated among the players!

Poker, Mobile and Malaysia

Everything is available on the screen of your smartphone these days. Why poker should be an exception? Before the introduction of mobile poker, Malaysian players had to struggle a lot. Finding a table in the highlands was a tough ask. Poker was a game unheard of at that time. For those who played it passionately, the rood was riddled with rough challenges. However, ever since the mobile poker was introduced, things have changed quite dramatically. Mobile poker is a recent innovation that has aroused the interest of poker players all around the world. Malaysian players have also got a tremendous amount of opportunities, thanks to the revolutionary introduction of mobile poker.

So why mobile poker trumps the other forms of poker? Well, the first factor that we must consider is convenience. You see, it becomes a lot easier to play poker on your phone screen in your bed, as compared to sitting in a crowded casino. Speaking from the cost point of view, playing mobile poker is quite affordable. You don’t need to head down to a grand old Malaysian casino or sit in front of your laptop screen if you have mobile poker available on your phone. Mobility is one of the critical attributes of mobile poker!

Of course, there are other factors associated with mobile poker, which have contributed majorly to its success in Malaysia. Challenging players all around Malaysia was never this easy. All that you have to do is press a few buttons and hey presto, you are in the game. There is nothing fake about these games folks, it is all real money! We can safely say that had it not been for the mobile poker, online poker, and poker, in general, wouldn’t have been this much popular in Malaysia, like it is today!

Poker Chips Malaysia

While we are talking about poker, let’s have a look at the status of poker chips in Malaysia. If you are from the conventional brand of players, poker chips must be very dear to you. However, getting a hold of these chips can be a little tight at times. Remember that poker chips are entirely legal to sell or purchase in Malaysia. The reason for that is because these are just gaming chips in the end. Now, there is nothing wrong about selling gaming chips, is there?


These chips are available in plenty of shops in Malaysia, especially the ones dealing with gaming boards. The Paulson Top Hat and Cane chips are one of the premium chips used in casinos all around the world. This weighs somewhere between 9.7-9.8g. The key feature of this particular chip is the wondrous feel you get while you are holding it in hand. This specific chip will cost you between RM8 to RM10, inclusive of the customs tax.


Money won is twice sweeter than the money earned. Poker is one of the most popular games in the modern-day era. It has shifted from the cushioned tables of a casino to your laptop screen. The purpose of this discussion was to illuminate the present status of online poker in Malaysia. You can see that the online rooms dedicated to poker in Malaysia aren’t emptying any soon. The followers of this game honor the values of patience and concentration by playing it online on platforms like 888 Poker. No matter if you are playing it on a desktop, MacBook, iPhone, or android. The popularity of online poker in Malaysia is suggestive of a tremendous amount of cash flow, that too daily. We hope that this discussion helped you in gaining insight into the world of online poker in Malaysia!